SIM Leadership Institute

The SIM Leadership Institute is a signature component of SIM. Since its founding in the 1960's, SIM has been firmly and deeply committed to ongoing leadership development as a core tenet of the Society's beliefs and activities.  Leadership programs are offered for every stage of your career.

Emerging Leader Development (ELD)
IT Management & Leadership Professional Training (ITMLP - Certified IT Manager)
gional Leadership Forum (RLF)
Executive RLF

RLF Logo & Tagline

Have you heard of RLF? Are you wondering what it's all about?  SIM is committed to developing our next generation of Leaders.  RLF, SIM's renowned highly-successful leadership development program, has over 4,500 graduates across the world.  The program is more than just a set of quick workshops, lectures or seminars, it is:

  • A unique conduit for long-term change in professional and personal capabilities.
  • A comprehensive series of six 2-day sessions unfolding over nine months.
  • A participant-driven program known for its highly engaging interaction among peer and professional colleagues.
  • A program that teaches and instills in people the self-awareness, confidence, emotional intelligence and leadership tools to lift them to the top of their professions.
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To help explain RLF, check-out this short LinkedIn article and video which helps convey the essence of the program and captures just a few powerful alumni testimonials:


South Central RLF Session - Participant Presentation
South Central RLF Participant Presentation
South Central RLF Coat of Arms Exercise
South Central RLF Coat of Arms Exercise
South Central RLF Late Night Trip to Voodoo Donuts Austin, TX
South Central RLF late night trip to Voodoo Donuts - Austin